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Ten illegal car modifications what’s up guys ever since cars became somewhat common owners wanted to customize them to fit their tastes and needs at the beginning it was fairly easy because cars were practically bespoke built for the richest but as cars became a mass-produced commodity affordable to the masses car owners always look for something to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd fairly speaking car mods are as old as cars and as technology and car related laws started progressing there came many new trends in modifying cars while some car mods are quite benevolent some of them affect the environment safety and Public Order and as such they are illegal today we’re going to present to you ten car modifications that can’t get you into trouble.

1 number one dark window tint tinted
windows have their own set of benefits
like blocking just the right amount of
Sun making daily driving a more pleasant
that’s why factories often offer tinted
windows as optional extras or even
standard on more upscale cars but while
mild tint is completely okay dark window
is illegal in most countries and states
there are two reasons for that the first
of them is that extremely dark tint
limits your visibility in nighttime
driving and makes you less aware of your
surroundings the other is that it
conceals you from the law enforcement
putting them in all sorts of potential
danger that’s why extremely dark window
tint is not a good idea on your car

2 number two neons luckily neon lighting is a mostly
forgotten car mod but during the 2000s
and the success of the Fast and Furious
franchise everything was about putting
all sorts of colourful lights under your
car and is not all about the taste
police apart from being extremely tacky
neon lighting is illegal because most
states have the laws that propose very
strict rules so it’s all about
headlights in the front red lights in
the back and nothing purple green or
orange in between or under them.

3 number three truck lifting many truck owners
want to enhance their off-roading
capabilities by lifting their trucks
giving them more ground clearance
up to a certain extent these mods are
legal but lifting your truck over the
limit is forbidden in many states the
reason behind this is that it directly
in dangers other drivers as well as
pedestrians so if you’re planning to do
this mod read your local laws very

4 number four NOS kits while it is very common on the
drag strips tuners favorite alternate
fuel is illegal for road cars due to the
highly flammable nature of nitrous
oxygen and it’s notorious connection to
street racers this power booster is not
welcome on the road an asked it can
really get you into all sorts of trouble
so be very cautious if you ever plan to
equip your car with the bottle of
pressurized gas that burns it’s an
astounding rate.

5 number five custom exhausts exhaust fumes are one of the
main causes of air pollution in the
world and crack down on them began in
the early 70s the exhaust system has
several parts designed for keeping the
emission levels low but they also make
cars less powerful
removing these parts for extra
horsepower is not a good idea for at
least two reasons first of all modern
cars are packed with sensors and
electronics so removing these parts can
cause other problems with the car as
well second it’s plain illegal because
your car no longer complies with
emission and standards when modifying
your exhaust system be aware of this and
check your local laws.

6 number six engine mods the same as with the previous one
this mod is also illegal because tuning
your engine can affect your co2
emissions by making your car
non-compliant with the green laws you’re
risking trouble with the law.

7 number seven lights aftermarket lights
both front and rear can be illegal in
many places the thing with aftermarket
front lights is that they shine much
brighter than legally allowed posing a
danger to other drivers also any rear
lights that don’t follow the color
scheme are illegal in many places.

8 number eight lowriders lowriders are among the
quintessential examples of the American
car culture and they have been around
for decades however some states forbid
cars that are riding solo so if you live
in Georgia and Maryland
for example be aware that you can get in
trouble luckily most air ride kits can
bypass these legal limitations by simply
lifting the car to a legal level when

9 number nine radar and laser jammers
ok this one is pretty self-explanatory
as these types of devices are used to
stop the law enforcement from doing
their work properly or evade them and
continue driving above the speed limit
they are illegal almost anywhere in the

10 number ten license plate frames the final
illegal car mod that we chose is a
fairly simple one license plate frames
that partially conceal the numbers
letters or even the state names are

Apart from that they can also be quite
tacky so it’s one more reason to not put
them on your car so there you are which
things did I miss what should I have
included let me know in the comments
below and as always please don’t forget
to like the article I reply to every
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