4 Beautiful and Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Lombok

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Tourist attractions in Lombok must be known for those of you who want to visit the province of Nusa Tenggara. There are many cool Lombok tourist attractions that offer views that are so enchanting. Many people also say that Lombok’s tourist attractions are no less beautiful than the tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods. No wonder, if many people are curious to go to the island of Lombok. For those of you who can’t wait to make Lombok your holiday destination, see the full information below.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is one of the second highest mountains in Indonesia. This mountain, which is still active today, stands firmly around the island of Lombok. Its name has skyrocketed to various regions so that nature lovers make it a tourist attraction in Lombok that must be visited. Not only can they climb this mythical mountain, tourists will also be presented with rain forests and savanna forests which have now officially become national parks. You can also enjoy Lake Segara Anak, which is said to be the area of ​​the lake that can change, depending on the person who sees it. It’s cool and scary at the same time, isn’t it?

Kuta Beach Lombok

Who says Kuta beach is only on the Island of the Gods, the island of Lombok also has a charming Kuta beach like this famous beach. Of course, you can also make it a must-visit tourist spot in Lombok. The difference is, Kuta Beach in Lombok is still not as busy as Bali’s Kuta Beach because many people don’t know about its existence. Because the beach is still empty of visitors, you can make it a Lombok tourist destination to calm down. On Kuta beach, you will be presented with charming beach views, such as white sand, blue waves, and views around the beach that are still so natural.

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Lombok. This beach is never empty of visits from tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. You also don’t need to be surprised if this beach is always crowded like a sea of ​​people because its name has indeed skyrocketed everywhere. Besides, you can enjoy the view of the beach, you can also make this tourist spot in Lombok a marine tourism spot such as snorkeling. Or, you want your skin to be more exotic, you can sunbathe on this beach like Caucasians who want to darken their skin.

Selong Belanak Beach

Lombok is indeed famous for its stunningly beautiful beaches and most of its beaches are still natural because they have not been so touched by humans. One of the beaches in Lombok that you can add to your list of tourist destinations in Lombok is Selong Belanak beach in central Lombok. This unspoiled beach has unspoiled views with soft white sand. Uniquely, the soft sand will harden when exposed to waves. If you want to feel calm and peaceful for a moment, you can visit this Selong mullet beach because it has not been visited by many tourists. Hopefully the information about natural tourist attractions in Lombok can be used as a reference for readers.

Tourist attractions in Lombok such as Mount Rinjani, Kuta beach Lombok, Senggigi beach, and Selong Belanak beach which azwisata.com has explained above are interesting destinations to visit while in Lombok. Hopefully the information above can help.

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