5 Car Brands That Got Worse

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five car brands that went downhill it
takes a lot of work to stay on top in
the car industry brands come and go over
the years but there are some that manage
to stay relevant it’s one thing having a
successful business and sometimes
another creating fun cars although
purely opinion here are five brands that
I think have gone downhill recently.

1 number one Mitsubishi
if you’re a car guy you will more than
likely remember the days that the Evo
versus STI battles you were either an
Evo or an STI guy and you would fight
religiously to defend your favorite in
the late 2000 so ever this rivalry
started to break down for both brands
the third generation Subaru became a
little soft and heavy but the Evo
soldiered on in the year 2011 however
Mitsubishi decided to discontinue the
Evo from the lineup completely
Mitsubishi also axed they’re fun and
slightly mad 180 horsepower Colt rally
Arts in 2011 with no direct replacement
what’s Mitsubishi up to now you may ask
producing a bunch of rather boring and
dull crossover SUVs like the ASX and
Outlander sure they are good cars but
not quite the excitement we want
fortunately there is hope for Mitsubishi
as their president
Osamu Masuka said that they will
consider more performance models in the
future likely with hybrid drivetrains we
can only hope so.

2 number two Honda over the past 10 to 15
years Honda have kind of lost their way
of its in my opinion of course although
their cars are still reliable well-made
and affordable their performance range
has gone seriously downhill the Honda’s
of the 80s and 90s really had the spirit
of superior Honda their founder
ingrained into them in fact they were so
good that you could buy even a non
performance model and it would handle
well and still be fun to drive this is
evidence at track days now in which
ordinary civics are often the car of
choice the days of the Accord type
rs2000 and Integra Type R are long gone
unfortunately sure Honda still make the
Civic Type R and they are starting to
make progress on it but there once was a
time when Honda will market leaders the
cr-z wasn’t as punchy as its father
the CRX and the fn2 Type R was also
worse than its predecessor the ep-3
the new NSX is an awesome car although
it does somehow lack the spirits of
Honda’s of old still it’s a sign Honda
are innovating so we could see some
great stuff to come in the future.

3 number three Persia Peugeot has created so many
great cars over the years however in
recent times they seem to have lost
their way a little currently the only
fast if cars they make other 308 GTI and
the RC set although they are both good
neither are class-leading being out
shown by their German rivals the other
cars are a selection of fairly dull
crossovers and bloated hatchbacks POJO
certainly have the talents to make some
great cars though with the left off
oversteer machine the 205 GTI and
Africa’s favorites the 405 saloon
other examples are the 106 rally with
its lightweight zingy 1.3 100 horsepower
engine and small size as well as an epic
v6 405 coupe a if you’re American I
don’t think you’ve got any of these so
hard luck.

4 number four Saab there once was a
time when Saab were virtually
unstoppable especially thanks to the
best-selling Saab 900 their expertise in
building aircraft translated extremely
well into their vehicles at the time
having a great run from the 1980s to the
early 2000s cars like the saab 9-5 Aero
and the epic 225 horsepower 95 Viggen
will remain dear in enthusiasts minds
forever in the year 2000 General Motors
acquired a majority stake in the
manufacturer facing salves vehicles
entirely on the GM platforms although
the cars produced were cool Saab had
lost their way slightly resulting in
enthusiasts changing to other vehicles
in 2012 Saab unfortunately declared
bankruptcy hopefully one day we will see
them return especially with a new feggin

5 number five master before you say
what about the Miata that’s just one car
founded way back in 1920 Mazdas history
has been loaded with epic cars with most
of them appearing towards the end of the
20th century these days master only
produce one car for enthusiasts the mx-5
is not so bad though as their normal
vehicles are good to drive especially
the fiestas derived Mazda – that still
doesn’t account for the tragic loss of
the speed three and master speed six.

Otherwise known as mps models in europe
the second generation master speed three
is really quite a sleeper with a naught
to 60 time of just 5.2 seconds and a top
speed of 155 miles per hour its brother
the speed six is also fast and has
four-wheel drive for extra grip now that
the rx-7 is gone and the rx-8 is gone
too there is a gaping hole left that
really needs filling before their lineup
ends up becoming too boring there are
rumors brewing the new rx-7 will be
released although nothing has been
confirmed yet we can only dream so there
you are five brands that have lost their weight
recently which brand should I have
included am I wrong comment below I reply to everyone in the
first 12 hours Cheers

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