5 Cars Impossible To Find Stock

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five cars you’ve never seen stock ever browse the classifieds and end up feeling frustrated that there were just no cars that fit the bill some cars just seem to get bought up by the wrong kind of people leading to some terribly modified examples here are my top five cars that are seemingly impossible to find stock.

1 number one Toyota Supra mark
5 release slap-bang in the time of the
boy racer trend in the UK and the tuner
car trend in the USA the Toyota Supra
sadly fell into the hands of some less
than tasteful owners over the years some
cars the Porsche 911 for example seemed
to be purchased looked after and kept in
showroom condition for their entire life
by mature owners a few mods may be put
on every now and then but they’re
usually tasteful and removable the Supra
is unfortunately very different body
kits useless wings neon lights and big
sound systems were all the rage back
then so many of the desirable supras got
eaten up by racist
the few that remain unscathed tend to be
the non turbo engine cast the automatic
curls or worse still the combination of
the two if you do happen to have a twin
turbo manual Supra perhaps keep the mods
reversible and tasteful these cars could
be seriously expensive one day word of
advice if you want to see the best
supras head to Japan it seems to be the
only place London manual turns over
kinds of suits when it comes to sales.

2 number two master rx-7 Mazdas rotary rx-7
was never a big seller from the very
beginning so when you start to include
the number of used stock examples that
haven’t been ancient swamped you’re not
looking at very many cars the rx-7 had
low production numbers from the get-go
reliability if the Wankel engine wasn’t
exactly stellar leading to the menu
swapping packages released by tuning
companies I’m pretty sure the only FD rx
sevens with original non rebuilt engines
are those the Masters Museum
luckily the enthusiast community started
to diagnose the failures of the engine
head and is now a list of reliability
monthly you can do to make the car more
suitable for daily drive you could you
see an rx-7 on the road there’s a high
chance that it will happen is
reliability muscle or possibly even a
Chevrolet v8.

3 number three 2003 to 2007 Mitsubishi Evolution if you’re a JVM fan
and you like manual transmissions
all-wheel drive in turbos your choice of
cars is few and far between you can
either get the Subaru or a Mitsubishi
Evo the rivalry between these two cars
has created somewhat of a modern walk
easily available at cheap pants mean the
finding a stock example is one of life’s
greatest challenges luckily for these
cars the modifications made often
improve the car with remaps being the
most common the servo engine with strong
internals makes the huge power gains
without much money being spent
however the Evo has had its fair share
of Rice’s picking them up for cheap the
wear of purely cosmetic
of such as bodykits or excessive
lowering if it scrapes on your driveway
it’s probably too low although some of
you guys may disagree.

4 number four EK for civic start in the search for one of
these will bring up some depressing
results if you’re on the hunt for a
clean manual civic you might be quite
surprised to what you find perfect as a
starter car
there’s gem said if it’s reliable fun
and fast enough dodging the racers on
ebay craigslist and auto trader will be
the first challenge however often you
will find that the cleanest cars but to
be brilliant until you see the automatic
slush box transmission leaver on the
final photo car fans have bought up
these cars crash them rice them or just
plain abuse them for the last 10 years
or so leaving only the automatic one
owner cars on the market if you can find
a solid stock or well modified one of
these in a manual transmission I would
suggest you buy it it could prove to be
a good investment in the future
alternatively Honda’s are fairly easy to
modify so a transmission swap is

5 number five mazda miata luckily with the
Miata they actually should be modified
as good as the doc car is but the few
choice mods the car can be exponentially
improved to even rival cars three times
the price on a track these cars are
often modified for track racing Road
course racing drifting and also cross
you will often find cars that have been
right featuring eBay exclusive parts
straight from China however there should
be plenty of cars out there with a
suspension upgrade brake upgrade and
perhaps a turbocharger or supercharger
this car can be seriously quick with
just those mods so don’t be put off of
the work has been done right there are a
lot of companies out there dedicating to
modifying the actors exclusively so look
out for these the cars excellent
reliability lends itself to a good daily
driver and it’s low price means the
modifications are affordable good luck
finding a spot one although with any
luck by purchasing a properly modded one
you won’t a stick I would however avoid
the curse that cut Springs fart cams
Ebates servo or massive wings result
just take away from the great car that
the Miata is so there you are my top
five cars that seem impossible to find
stock mods are great but sometimes you
just want to stop car so that you can
see how the manufacturer made it from
the factory often the cases you don’t
want to pay for someone else’s modding
mistakes but make your own choices on
how to improve your car from stock over
the ownership period what other cars are
difficult to find stock a must a missed
a few.

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