5 Cars That Fool People Into Thinking You’re Rich

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So I tell us that fool people into thinking you’re rich curse are a funny thing unlike your house or your clothing which you can’t exactly fake the magic of depreciation means that some seemingly rich people cars can be asked a crazy low prices sure you’re still going to pay some eye watering maintenance fees when the transmission eventually destroys itself but until then you can enjoy looking like a baller for the price of the Toyota Camry that being said let’s get right into the article.

1 number one Porsche Boxster the first gen
Boxster the 1986 generation is now 21
years old introduced in late 1996
despite its age it doesn’t necessarily
mean that most people are going to know
with a sleek sports car body style a
mid-engine layout and that coveted
Porsche badge you could look right at
home turning up to the golf course next
to a brand new Ferrari you might be
surprised by how little the average
person knows about used car prices
especially the fact you can get a 2.5
liter Paul Shaffer under $10,000 the
very first model out of flat six
naturally aspirated engine offering 201
horsepower yes it does have Friday
headlights which some may not like but
still it’s a Porsche so it’s ideal for
driving around posing or carving the
canyons in the year 2000 the base model
was upgraded to have a 2.7 liter engine
with 217 horsepower and the larger 3.2
liter s engine was added to the model
lineup with a healthy 250 horsepower
both engines are great although the 2.7
is thought to be a little faster revving
due to its shorter gear ratios.

2 number two Chrysler 300 the Chrysler 300
follows a basic formula offer a huge
luxury car for price that lots of
ordinary folks can afford
introduced in 2005 running until 2010
the base model 300 received a fairly
mediocre 190 horsepower engine which was
mated to its 4-speed transmission riding
on 17-inch wheels power isn’t really the
issue with the 300 as its long bonnet
large interior space and limousine like
ride make up for any sluggishness the
300 C is obviously a
shurik are from the outside so much to
the extent that it often fools non-car
people into thinking it’s a rolls-royce
or a Bentley vehicle if I had a dollar
for every time I’ve heard someone say oh
look a Rolls Royce when the 300 drives
past I would be a rich man when first
introduced the base model cost as little
as thirty five thousand dollars with
some options that is leads below every
other car in its class and so good in
fact even the president had won this
actual car went up for sale on eBay for
a cool $1,000,000 although it failed to
sell at that price current used prices
are hovering at around nine thousand
dollars if you want to faster model you
can get the 425 horsepower srt8 for the
v8 motor in it pushing you from zero to
60 and four point nine seconds don’t get
too excited though this thing will drink
gas faster than almost any other car.

3 number three Mercedes s-class coming
from a long line of s classes Mercedes
flagship vehicle was updated in 1998 the
s-class enjoyed a much more modern look
than some of its lower price Mercedes
siblings at the time although
surprisingly the a-class received the
new design language one year previous
thanks to this the 15 year old Mercedes
is actually quite a modern vehicle and
when it comes to luxury travel it still
can’t really be beaten by most cars on
the market for sale today with the
exception of possibly rolls-royce or
Maybach designated with the model code
w220 the mercedes s-class got a wide
variety of engines ranging from the base
model v6 with 201 horsepower right up to
the stupidly fast AMG version with 603
horsepower with the standard engine
versions costing over a hundred thousand
dollars new a used as class from this
generation seems like a bargain starting
as about $10,000 all models are
rear-wheel drive and all have automatic
transmissions if that’s your bag if you
really want to look like a baller for
cheap ask a friend or family member to
drive you around and purchase one of

4 number four Lotus Elise imagine
the Chrysler 300 as the poor man’s
well the Lotus Elise is the poor man’s
with an exotic profile and a mid-engine
setup the second-generation Elise
doesn’t look out of place at a supercar
show despite only having a four-cylinder
VVC engine with just 135 horsepower part
of the magic of the Elise is that it has
near supercar performance thanks to its
ways of just 1,900 pounds and it’s
aluminium and fiberglass body shell of
course in a straight line it will never
keep up with the fast stuff but on a
Canyon run I wouldn’t be so sure parked
up in a bright color I can’t think of a
car that attracts as much attention as
the Elise for under $30,000 sure there
are way faster cars out there for the
same money certainly ones with an actual
interior like the 135i or Porsche Cayman
but purely for curb appeal the Elise
wins hands down if you want to fool
people into thinking you are a rich guy
even if you work at Walmart stacking
shelves the Elise is one way to go put
on a shirt and some play great bands for
extra effects and just don’t miss those
car payments.

5 number five Jaguar XF the Jaguar XF was a turning
point for Jaguar ridding themselves at
the late nineties box-shaped design that
they really shouldn’t have dragged into
the 21st century in 2007 when they
released it the ex 250 model coded car
received some good press despite tough
competition in the sector that being
said a relatively modern Jaguar for
$15,000 nowadays seems like a steal the
XF has had some famous owners to being
the British government’s car of choice
for a few years including the
supercharged version the S v8 with 416
horsepower the cheap model that you’ll
probably end up with is the turbocharged
inline-4 with 187 horsepower but be
warned this car weighs more than 4,000
pounds that being said if you want
something high spec slightly quirky and
definitely a rich man’s car this is the
ideal choice realistically reliability
is probably going to be an issue but
life sure right so there you are
which cars did I miss do you own a cheap
car that looks expensive let me know in
the comments.

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