5 Cars You’d Never Guess Shared Engines

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Five cars you’d never guess shared engines what’s up everyone one of the most common presumptions is that all expensive sports and supercars have unique and highly complicated engines while its is true in most cases especially if we look at Ferrari Lamborghini or McLaren there are many more sports cars with much more humble motors in fact there are a lot of speedy and exclusive models which borrow engines from ordinary vehicles and give them a second lease on life here are five exciting hero cars with engines from everyday boring models.

1 number one the Koenigsegg CCS the CC 8’s
was the first proper production model
from kerning sake in 2002 the company
made just six examples which were enough
to establish it as the new force in the
hypercar class at just three and a half
seconds naught to 60 and a top speed of
240 miles per hour it was one of the
fastest land vehicles of the period and
truly a showstopper
however it was powered by Ford’s modular
v8 engine commonly found in the famous
New York yellow taxis police Crown
Victoria Cruces and f-150 pickup trucks
of course Koenigsegg thoroughly modified
Ford’s engine and put two big
superchargers on it resulting with 664
horsepower but still it was the same
block and displacement like the one used
in the ordinary Mustang GT from the mid
90s for example an interesting thoughts
when you’re in a New York taxi at five
miles per hour.

2 number two the Lotus Evora Lotus has
always been a company more focused on
building a lightweight chassis
suspension and bodies than on
constructing their own engines over the
years Lotus has used engines from
various companies like Ford Renault
Rover and so on but in the current Lotus
Evora they used a three and a half litre
Toyota engine with or without the
supercharger the exciting part is that
this three and a half liter v6 known as
the two GRF II is the same unit used in
many ordinary Toyota models all over the
world with 276 horsepower on tap this
motor can be found in Camry sedans the
highlander SUV and the lexus es350
the supercharged version which delivers
over 400 horsepower is a bit more
special but it still has the same end
in which powers the neighbors Toyota
Sienna minivan.

3 number three the Nissan 350z when the Nissan 350z debuted in
2002 sports car lovers all over the
world rejoiced finally a proper 2-door
two-seater sports coupe a with a
powerful v6 up front and rear wheel
drive a lot of praise went into its
three and a half liter v6 engine called
the vq35de which delivered 290
horsepower and exhilarating performance
however not many people know that this
engine was also used in a vehicle on
totally the opposite side of the car
spectrum the renault grand Espace
minivan through the magic of cost
cussing and engine sharing renault got
its hands on the vq35de and installed it
into its full-size grand Espace minivan
introduced in 2006 and sold until 2010
renault produced very few of those
performance people carriers with a 350
sets engine which was slightly detuned
to 245 horsepower however despite the
significant power for a minivan and a
high top speed of 140 miles per hour not
a lot of people chose this model and the
grand Espace 3.5 is a forgotten French
Japanese gem.

4 number four the noble m12
noble is one of those small but very
interesting manufacturers which produce
fantastic cars but never evolve beyond
kit car recognition to be honest this is
the frame since nobles cars are brutally
fast creations that compass a very
famous names to shame this is precisely
what the m12 is with 357 horsepower and
just over a thousand kilograms of weight
it can outrun almost anything the
interesting thing about this car is the
fact that it uses a two and a half liter
Ford Duratec v6 engine commonly found in
almost all Mondeo’s s-max and fusions
all over the world of course Noble
installed twin turbo charges to achieve
such power but still the majority of the
engine is totally the same as in an
ordinary Mondeo a cool detail as the
taillights which are also nicked from a
first generation Mondeo a nice reminder
from where the engine was borrowed from.

5 number five the donkervoort d8 GTO
if you don’t know what the donkervoort
d8 GTO is think of it as Kate
two rooms crazier more powerful and more
extreme twin brother based on the
everlasting Lotus seven chassis the
Dutch company is famous for producing
insane roadsters with ludicrous power
and barely any weight the d8 GTO uses a
two and a half litre five-cylinder TFSI
engine from Aldi specially tuned to
achieve 340 to 380 horsepower this
standard engine is used all over Audi’s
model range due to the fact it is
relatively small and turbocharged it is
easily tunable and this is exactly what
Don cavort uses it so there you are can
you think of any other hero cars with
humble engines let me know.

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