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Five expensive options that cost more than your car it’s often said that it’s the little things in life that matter the most that’s all fine and good when the little stuff is free but in terms of optional extras it doesn’t take long until those nice little options to finish off your new car end up costing you a small fortune here are five of the most expensive optional extras that seem quite simply ridiculous just for fun I will compare the price to a brand new base spec Nissan Versa America’s cheapest car priced at eleven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars.

1 number one rolls-royce Wraith starlight
headlining the Starlight headlining is
gonna be one of the most famous options
on the rolls-royce list to date coming
in as an eye-watering twelve thousand
nine hundred twenty-five dollars the
light-up headlining is a bespoke capture
of the sky above at a specific time for
example a notable event or anniversary
of the purchaser it is supposed to
resemble the night sky and to be fair
just to make the thing it’s not easy
work a small team of rolls-royce workers
will place 1345 optic nodes into the
leather headlining structure by hand
that’s just on this smallest car the
Wraith the larger roofed phantom gets a
whopping 1600 notes of light what do you
think of this option is it cool or
cringing give it a vote in the top right
of the video either way the same thing
in Nissan Versa’s is one brand new
vehicle and 30 full tanks of fuel.

2 number two BMW i8 louis vuitton fitted luggage
nothing says unloaded like matching
luggage for your vehicle unexpectedly
it’s BMW take this to the next level of
crazy the BMW i8 a really nice mid price
supercar hybrid has one of the craziest
optional extras out there due to the BMW
i8 s hybrid drivetrain with batteries
mounted along the spine of the car
storage space is very limited
BMW took this opportunity to create
their own luggage which fits in
optimally with the car instead of
collaborating with an ordinary luggage
company like Samsonite or Swiss Kia they
chose to go with design a firm Louis
Vuitton what you guess is to travel bags
a business case and a garment bag
bizarrely there isn’t even a choice of
colors black being your only option how
much to those four bags come to only
$20,000 that’s one point six Nissan

3 number three Maybach champagne
flutes what’s the most you would pay for
a glass or a mug $10 $20 $50 for a
really nice one well the Maybach
champagne flutes are likely to make you
look like a mug if you spec this option
to get this option you need to have
already speck the Maybachs executive
rear seat option with a champagne color
unlocking the chance to spend $3,200 on
just two champagne flutes
I’ll admit they are a beautiful design
made of solid silver and clamp into the
cupholders so you can drink wasyou
driven around but $3,200 is a heck of a
lot I’d be willing to bet you you could
probably fit some Walmart flutes in the
same cup holder for 30 bucks you would
surely have to be mad to spec this even
if you are a millionaire sure it
wouldn’t buy you an S and versa but it
would put you 25 percent of the way
there a pretty hefty deposit I know
which I’d rather have.

4 number four Gold Spirit of Ecstasy don’t you hate it when
news articles come out claiming that a
new 10 million dollar car is released
only to find nine million dollars of
that is just a diamond in the dashboard
or a gold coated paint job well it gets
to the point where you’re so rich
everything just becomes made out of a
more expensive precious metal or rock
rolls-royce options and her exception to
this rule they offer the Spirit of
Ecstasy the famous mascot on the front
to be made out of solid silver at a cost
to you of just six thousand five hundred
and twenty five dollars they also offer
an LED illuminated version made from
polycarbonate for seven thousand eight
hundred and fifty dollars and if you’re
not quite wealthy enough one lit from
below for four thousand and twenty five
dollars the Spirit of Ecstasy is an
iconic symbol of an incredible car
company but for that amount of money you
could get half a brand-new Versa not the
coolest car in the world granted but
it’s actually a car not just a piece of
metal I would argue that some options
are worthwhile carbon-fiber bits
performance packages cool paint jobs
sports seats and nice wheels
I personally cannot see the point in
this one what do you reckon.

5 number five Bugatti Veyron I’ll be honest I was keen
to avoid the hyper cars or hugely
limited cars in this video they’re
optional extras are always going to be
ridiculously pricey and a whole list of
these six-figure options just makes for
a boring video having said that it would
be really hard to leave this astonishing
optional extra off the list so I just
had to include it here’s the story
you’ve finally saved up enough to buy
your very own Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
you’re ready to drop a cool 2.2 million
dollars on your new ride but you’re
going to go light on the options bills
got to be paid right you get to the
paint list why not save little money and
skip the paint altogether its carbon
fibre which is cool anyway right well to
get this bare carbon basically no paint
it won’t save you any money no quite the
opposite to get no paint it will cost
you a whopping $300,000 they charge you
more to get less you can make this up of
course the carbon is beautifully
finished and lacquered but for that
money you could get a lamborghini
aventador to put this in terms of Nissan
Versa’s that would buy you a hilariously
large 25 cars enough to run a
medium-sized rental business of course
I’m being devil’s advocate here the
Veyron is really a money no object kind
of car answer anyone who owns one
dropping 300k on a paint job or a lack
of it will be petty change still what
would you rather have bare carbon-fiber
or a painted Veyron and a pretty nice
apartment I know what I’d do so there
you are 5 mind-blowing optional extras
that could empty your wallet real fast
these options exist because people are
prepared to pay them so kudos to the
manufacturers for offering them but I’m
not sure a lot of people could justify
them even millionaires so what do you
think about these options would you
spend out big on the options list or
would you take a low respect vehicle.

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