5 Ways Under 16s Can Drive

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Five ways that under-16s can drive what’s up everyone in most cases the love affair with car starts in childhood years we’ve all been car obsessed kids constantly playing with toy cars piling up magazines and testing on knowledge recognizing various models in parking lots but in most countries around the world the legal limit is 16 to 18 years of age and if you’re 14 or 15 those couple of years seems like forever luckily there are a few ways you can avoid the limitations and get yourself behind the wheel.

1 number one go cars one of the best and most entertaining ways
to operate a motor vehicle and have
immense fun is to drive a go-kart
there are no legal limits concerning the
aid of the driver and the small
displacement models can be driven by
seven or eight-year-olds while bigger
and faster models can be driven by
teenagers driving a go-kart on a track
is a fantastic experience because the
speed is enhanced by the sound
vibrations and basically sitting on the
ground it’s also recommended for younger
driving fans since it will provide them
with the necessary understanding of
driving dynamics basic physics and feel
in real-life conditions obviously it
won’t replace the experience of driving
a proper car but it will tell you what
to expect when you finally sit behind
the wheel of a road legal vehicle on the
other hand all Formula One champions
started as go-kart races when they were
kids so if you are competitive and
talented who knows you might become a
professional driver and future world

2 number two sue private land
everyone knows that if you own a piece
of land and you build a road on it it’s
exempt from public traffic laws this
means that it is your road and you can
do whatever you want on it and the
police have no legal basis to intervene
even if you’re a kid you can drive as
much as you want but only on that road
which is built on private land and
closed for traffic sounds fantastic
well it is and it’s every car person’s
dream to own a piece of land with a
proper stretch of asphalt on it this
means that you can do all the fun things
that are illegal on public highways like
burnouts drifting or speeding if your
family owns land even with a dirt road
or you know somebody who does jump in a
car and learn how to drive without the
fear of police or a ticket
the only requirement is that you can
touch the pedals easily.

3 number three video games
if you’re a young car enthusiast you
probably already discovered the
fantastic world of car themed video
games luckily for us we live at a time
when computer graphics and animation
have reached impressive levels which
means that driving games are
unbelievably realistic and fun if you
decide to go a step further and invest
in a quality computer steering wheel
multiple screen setup and pedals they’ll
have an extremely engaging environment
which will provide you with real-life
driving and racing experience the racing
game genre is so good these days the
professional drivers use the latest
games to learn the tracks and to prepare
themselves better for real racist not
only what computer games provide you
with hours of fun but they can also be
an interesting opportunity into racing
in real life back in 2008 Nissan
established a racing program called
Nissan GT Academy which recruited future
racing drivers amongst teenagers who
played Sony’s popular racing game Gran
Turismo Nissan and Sony was so confident
that the game was realistic that they
offered the first person to set the
record in the game to go in a real
racing car 10 years later more than 20
young drivers have been given a chance
to replace their computers or consoles
with real-life racing cars pretty crazy.

4 number four Alberta Canada you’re probably
thinking what does Canada’s central
province of Alberta have to do with
scene age driving well Albert is a very
interesting place on this list because
bizarrely you can legally drive as soon
as you had 14 years old
unprecedented elsewhere in the world as
soon as you passed the driving test you
can get your driver’s license but sadly
you must be in the company of another
driver over the age of 18 in order to
legally operate the motor vehicle in
real life this isn’t a problem since
having an older friend or relative in a
car with you as a small price to pay
when you can legally drive at the age of
just 14
if you’re considering immigrating to
Canada we should remind you that Alberta
has a harsh continental climate and most
of the time when you’ll be driving it’ll
be on snowy mountain roads not really a
lot to crash into out there.

5 number five driving a quart recycle in France
if the snow blizzards of Alberta made
you think twice about moving to Canada
we have a much better alternative France
as always however there is a catch in
France you can drive at the age of
fourteen but only small diminutive
vehicles called quadricycles or vsp in
French standing for what sir Stamper me
for vehicles without permits Porte
recycles our small cars with tiny
engines producing from five to ten
horsepower and capable of reaching
speeds of around 40 to 50 kilometers per
hour or 25 to 30 miles per hour
basically the quadricycle is a scooter
with four wheels and two seats and it’s
treated as such
the French laws permit 14 year olds to
drive it but without driving them on
highways and open roads since the speed
limitations will affect the other
drivers quadricycles make perfect urban
runabouts though and with the size of a
smart car but much slower vsp vehicles
are common in big cities and urban areas
yes we know it’s not proper driving but
when you’re 14 or 15 this is the best
you can get when it comes to
participating in real-life traffic the
biggest manufacturer is Ike Sam and
their models are even exported around
the world so there you are is there
anything I missed out thanks for

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