6 Cars that Maybe Banned In America

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six awesome cars banned in America the u.s. car market is one of the largest in the world with most manufacturers attempting to compete for a piece of the pie thanks to America’s unique environmental branding and safety standards some of our favorite vehicles sold everywhere else are banned from entering US shores used buyers face very tough import regulations which makes importing a single example of an unholy gated model practically impossible let’s get right into the articles.

1 number one Volkswagen Scirocco the
original Scirocco was introduced along
the first Gulf mark-1 back in the
mid-70s and stayed in production until
1992 after a large absence period
Volkswagen decided to revive the name in
2008 and presented the current
generation underneath it’s basically a
golf but the external appearance is fast
sleeker and more aggressive European
customers can get the Sirocco in a wide
range of flavors best one being the
mighty Scirocco R which features
all-wheel drive in a 300 horsepower
engine sourced from the Golf R with
performance tuned suspension GTI derived
handling and high-quality interior the
Sirocco R is a great choice
unfortunately Volkswagen thought that
launching a Scirocco R in the USA would
cannibalize the sales of the Golf GTI
and Golf R so they decided to leave it
to us in Europe.

2 number two Audi s1 when
you think of Audis s models the first
cars that pop into your mind are likely
the powerful s4 or s6 sedans which
assault globally they’re very unlike
Aldi’s smallest hot-hatch however the
s-1 for the tiny size a 2-liter 230
horsepower turbocharged engine and most
importantly Quattro AWD the Audi s1 is a
completely unique car with what they
thought would have limited market appeal
in the States the naught to 60
mile-per-hour sprint is possible in just
five point eight seconds hitting a crazy
top speed of 155 miles per hour in a
supermini despite the fantastic
performance and popularity of the Audi
brand on US soil the s-1 will stay
firmly in Europe although we’re not sure
why they’re just delivering it to Europe
a limited hot hatch market in the USA
and a high-end luxury brand
TEKT might be part of the reason you’re
gonna have to wait 25 years guys.

3 number three nissan skyline r34 the Nissan Skyline
is one of the most famous Japanese
sports cars and it’s hard to believe
that only the current the 6th generation
are 35 model is the car available
globally including the United States the
previous generation called the r34 is
one of the most iconic cars in the past
30 years being in Gran Turismo and
numerous fast and furious movies when it
was first released in 1999 the skyline
was a pretty unique offering being a
two-door can play with the twin-turbo
six-cylinder engine and intelligent
all-wheel drive the combination of
bulletproof mechanics superb traction
and unbelievable tuning potential made
the skyline an instant success although
only in right hand drive markets the
factory rated its at 280 horsepower but
it was clear that the rb26dett engine
produces more than that since the power
could be enhanced with just a few tweaks
almost all loans upgraded their skylines
within hours of buying it American
buyers have been aware of the skyline
r34 since first conceived with some
wealthy and daring enthusiasts
attempting to bring their own examples
from overseas unluckily for them US
customs weren’t having any eyes and
stepped in to confiscate the cars.

4 number four hold a nude not all forbidden
fruits coming from Europe or Japan some
come from the land down under Australia
interestingly enough we’re talking about
the model from General Motors Australian
division Holden the Holden ute is a
popular light duty pickup which features
passenger car chassis and engine but
payload and practicality of a truck
further developing the concept crazy
engineers from Holden decided to install
the biggest engine they could find and
produce an extremely insane truck with a
6.3 liter v8 421 horsepower and
rear-wheel drive named as the Holden ute
SS V this is a fully GM product and the
platform is already used in US models as
well as the ng which can be found in
their Corvette despite the fact that the
US customers already know the half truck
half car concept with the Chevrolet El
Camino order
gerrae general house has decided to
leave this model in Australia I don’t
even try to import it with a left hand
drive for American customers which
begged the GM for such a car we’re sure
that the whole the news will have many
customers in America but the GM
management has no plans for importing
this model.

5 number five Lotus Elise s1
when the Lotus Elise was introduced in
1996 it took the automotive world by
storm such a compact yet beautiful
roadster with a lightweight body and
precise handling was unique to the
market and influenced many big
manufacturers to produce similar models
the Elise only had a hundred and forty
three horsepower yes it went from nought
to 60 in just five point eight seconds
mainly thanks to its 750 kilogram kerb
weight the in Syria was pretty Sparsit
with only the bare essentials but this
wasn’t a problem as it’s hardly a daily
there was however a price to pay for
lotuses quest for lightness resulting in
a car that barely past crash tests in
Europe failing stricter American ones by
the time the second generation came
around Lotus had stepped up their game
and the s2 was granted a US passport.

6 number six the BMW 1-series all over
Europe the BMW 1-series is a common car
most examples you see are equipped with
a 1.8 or 2 liter diesel engine and
thanks to compact dimensions of
rear-wheel drive the 1-series is a great
car to drive if you want a BMW hatchback
in the USA however I’m afraid you’ll be
at luck a small hatchback market and the
existence of the two series has put BMW
off from bringing the 1 Series hatchback
to the USA the old 1 Series Coupe is
available but you’re not going to be
able to get the latest generation m135i
and m-14 TI hatchbacks anytime soon with
326 horsepower and a naught to 60 miles
per hour time of less than 5 seconds the
m135i is the perfect car for daily
driving unlike its two series brother.

There is room in the back for bikes dogs
or anything you might want to carry
sadly BMW are suggesting that the new
ones series might be front-wheel drive
which could persuade them to bring it to
the states to compete with the lights of
the Mazda 3 at the Ford Focus let’s hope
it stays rear-wheel drive
so there you are what other cars are
banned what cars should be sold there
let me know in the comments I reply to
everyone in the first 12 hours Cheers

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