6 Worst Truck Mods Only A Truck Ricer Would Love

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Top six worst truck mods number one truck nuts perhaps the most tasteless modification on this list truck nuts really are not cool despite some people claiming the truck nuts are designed so that other drivers can see how low the truck is sitting this seems like somewhat of an urban legend I would say that if you have any idea of what a tasteful model looks like ignore this one.

2 number two tailgating
nets for every car and drug to be
allowed on sale it has to pass
Windtunnel testing for some reason this
fact still hasn’t stopped truck
enthusiasts from attempting to gain a
few extra miles per gallon from their
vehicles one method of doing this is the
tailgate net the idea of a tailgate net
is simply a net that replaces the metal
back of the truck
supposedly to increase airflow often
pickup truck owners will try to defend
the idea of the tailgate net because
they once drove an extra mile on a tank
with a tailgate down I’m not sure this
trumps the vast array of aerodynamic
studies done by engineers in a
controlled environment to ensure that
the vehicles sold are is efficient as

3 number three huge lift kits
lift kits are great adding a few extra
inches to the right height can make all
the difference especially off-road
when you start hitting double digits on
the lift maybe you should consider the
usage of your truck first do you go
bogging or rock crawling on a daily
basis if not I suggest you think
carefully about raising your truck
raising trucks to the point where you
need a ladder to gain entry is
ridiculous especially if your use is
mostly Road or light trails and tracks
by increasing ride height you are adding
greatest stresses rolling resistance and
wear on many of your driveline
components not only does it disrupt
airflow – it also makes the truck more
dangerous in an accident causing it to
become unstable when making sudden
maneuvers at high speed if you want a
better off-roader most of the time you
should stick with small lifts and spend
the leftover money on some decent tires
and diff locks if you haven’t got them

4 number four oversized wheel and tire
combo as truck and SUV wheels get larger
and larger the tires often have to
shrink to be accommodated in the frame
lower profile tires make the turn in
sharper granted but they are pretty much
useless offroad
if you want to improve your truck you’re
betting off getting some higher profile
tires and medium-sized wheels yes it may
not look as cool to some but your
off-road performance will be so much
higher as well as a better on-road right.

5 number five rolling coal predominantly
used on SUVs and trucks rolling coal is
the practice of modifying a diesel
engine to increase the amount of fuel
entering the engine this modification
may also include removing the
particulate filter the sole aim of this
mod is to increase the quantity of
pollutants coming from the exhaust pipe
a large amounts of black smoke can be
seen coming from the tailpipe or exhaust
stacks which some people view is
impressive rolling coal is actually
harmful to humans illegal and
potentially damaging to the engine will
also increase fuel consumption

6 number six too much Chrome in Mesut the
cars and trucks of the 1950s and 60s but
an overdone chrome job certainly won’t
look good on your 1999 f250 pickup truck
plastic chrome pieces dotted all over
the truck where they don’t belong simply
adds weight and makes your truck looks
silly keep the chrome to the front
bumper rear bumper and exhaust if you
want to use tasteful chrome wheels you
should carefully think about a style
chrome wheels plus low-profile tires
usually means that you’ve raced your
truck there are my top six worst truck
modifications do you have any
suggestions do you agree or disagree let
us know in the comments.

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