7 Ancient Cars Still Produced Today

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Seven ancient cars still produced today over the past century constant evolution has been the key to survival for pretty much every car company with evolutions in design technology and safety and models being annually changed and upgraded it can be hard to keep up strangely some manufacturers get it so right with certain cars that they just keep making them surviving with nothing but minor technical and cosmetic changes.

1 Number one Land Rover Defender despite
being Jew for replacement in 2018 not
including the defender would be simply
wrong with underpinnings dating back
from the 1940s the defender was
officially launched in 1983 although new
it wasn’t extremely different from its
predecessor the series 3 in 2016.

But 33 years under its belt the defender was
officially cut mainly due to safety and
handling reasons the defender is still
so popular however that values have
recently started to rise on nearly new
models for this exact reason if you want
a tough and rugged vehicle that’s
appreciating in value this is your car.

2 Number 2 Suzuki Jimny strictly speaking
the Suzuki Jimny can trace its roots
back to 1968 continuing on through the
Suzuki Samurai of the 80s and 90s to be
fir to this list however the current
chimney model has been on sale brand new
since 1998 19 years so far despite being
very dated inside with poor handling and
ride comfort
trust me I’ve learned to drive in this
car the chimney is still a very capable
off-road er there have been a few mild
facelifts with buttons instead of levers
to engage a low range in four-wheel
drive airbags and sat-nav added but
still I can’t help but wonder how long
can this car survive Western markets in
today’s age no doubt it will continue
selling in other markets for years to

3 Number three mercedes-benz G
bargain as the maker of the first
patented automobile mercedes-benz has
always been known for two things
evolution and progress there’s one car
however that is an exception to that
rule the mercedes-benz g-class this
rugged body on chassis off-roader
started its life in 1979
as a purely utilitarian vehicle designed
for military use
little did Mercedes know that it would
be still in production almost 40 years
later instead of being replaced by
something newer and better it just
continued being churned out of the
factory bizarrely as a luxurious SUV
truth be told the boxy Benz has endured
a lot of changes over the years with a
crazy v8 engine AMG version improved
interiors and a completely different
brand image but the basic car from 1979
still remains underneath some
journalists criticize it for being old
fashioned to drive but to be honest it
is ancient so no surprises there.

4 Number four Lada Niva although unplanned
this list strangely consists of a lot of
4×4 vehicles perhaps it’s their rugged
toughness that customers love rather
than their modern features that road
cars need the larger 4×4 formerly known
as the Lada Niva is no different
the 4×4 was the first model to be
designed and constructed without the
help from Fiat and it was the Soviet
Union’s vision of an SUV the development
of this model began in 1971 and the
production model came in 1977 bearing
the Vaz 21:21 name
since then the Neva has been produced in
many different versions and we numerous
updates but the basic shape and
technology have been exactly the same
for 40 years the Nivas basic reliability
strong off-road performance and easy to
fix nature made it very popular although
discontinued in a lot of markets the
Neva continues to be sold new in a lot
of European and Asian markets looking
more or less like the original 1977.

5 Model number 5 Peugeot 405 nowadays we
often think of pojos being slightly
boring and unreliable cars especially
not something else car guys would be
interested in in the past however that
simply wasn’t the case ever since the
legendary 404 sedans of the 60s Peugeot
has had a fruitful relationship with
African countries where its models were
licensed built for years even decades
after the original cars stopped being
produced in native France the 405 sedan
was introduced in 1987 but it was
just ten years later in 1997 it sold so
well however that since 1995 it has
continued to be sold under license by
two third-party companies Iranian Iran
Khodro and Egyptian waggy Abaza
although the underpinnings are the same
I think it’s fair to say they made the
appearance look much much worse still
with the original being designed by
Pininfarina it’s gonna be hard to
improve old pirgos Mercedes and Land
Cruisers seem to be the reliability
choices for countries with more
no-nonsense needs shall we say.

6 Number 6 Lotus super 7 you may not recognize the
name Lotus 7 but what if I told you it’s
basically a Caterham first produced in
1953 by the famous racing constructor
and formula 1 visionary Colin Chapman
the 7 was conceived as a lightweight and
simple sports car with tubular chassis
and minimal bodywork in 1973.

The production of the Lotus 7 stopped but in
the same year the production rights were
bought by another UK based company
called Caterham since then the company
has continued building these amazing
sports cars using mostly Ford and Rover
derived Hardware in Caterham ch hands
the Lotus 7 has become a platform for
many extreme evolutions that often offer
supercar beating performance still a
platform that’s still being built and
sold after so long it’s astonishing.

7 Number 7 Morgan for 4 if you’re a car
guy you will be sure to have heard of
Morgan what you may not know however is
that therefore 4 has been in production
since 1955 62 years.

Sure the back-to-basics sports car has
had a lot of changes over the years for
example the introduction of a Ford’s
Sigma engine and a Mazda gearbox but
looks wise it’s almost identical to the
car that rolled off the production lines
just ten years after the end of World
War two Morgan have always been famous
for their traditional coach building and
handmade crafts but I wonder how many
people you could fool that your 1 year
old car was a classic so there you are
seven ancient cars still produced today
which cars did I miss comment below and
I’ll reply back to you in the first 24
hours and as always thanks for reading.

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