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Seven cheap sports cars you can actually afford most people consider sports cars to be only for rich youtubers doctors or perhaps trust fund kits they couldn’t be more wrong however with a constant production of new vehicles providing an ever-growing supply of epic cars for us normal car guys draw a brand new Porsche 911s cool but for almost 80,000 pounds or 91 thousand dollars in the USA who’s got time for that.

1 number one Porsche Boxster the Boxster
marked Porsches returned to the flat-six
engine roots after the front engine 944
which featured an inline four-cylinder
introduced in 1997 the Boxster is going
on classic status which means it is
cheap and plentiful on the used car
market power comes from a 2 point 5 to
point 7 and 3.0 liter flat 6 engine
mounted centrally just behind the
passengers which ensures perfect Road
holding and weight distribution when it
was launched car magazines praised the
Boxster for its handling and precise
steering the qualities that still stand
today with a power output ranging from
204 to 260 horsepower and naught to 60
times in less than seven seconds the
Boxster is pretty capable and with two
trunks this roadster is practical too
who needs an expensive 911 when you can
have the first generation Boxster for
just 8,000 pounds or less than $10,000
this will get you an example in pristine
condition you can get three of these for
the same price as a 911 at the same age.

2 number two Ford Mustang GT not exactly a
sports car sure but who would have
thought you could buy an American muscle
car with a v8 engine for under 10,000
pounds or dollars the car in question is
the fifth generation Ford Mustang which
was built from 2005 to 2014 and the GC
trim level which included the mighty v8
this retro futuristic muscle car proved
to be very popular with the customers
around the world especially the GT v8
if you crave for nostalgic looks but in
a modern package the Mustang is a car
for you don’t expect much in the
handlink department though since the car
is equipped with a real live axle this
means that the Mustang has decent
handling bursts nothing spectacular
hence the meme.

3 number three Honda s2000
introduced in 1999 and discontinued in
2009 the s2000 is an epic mid powered
roadster from Honda this model is a true
driver’s car with all the important
features we love like lightweight
construction balanced weight
distribution a powerful and rev happy
engine and of course razor sharp
handling under the hood as a 2 or 2.2
liter 4-cylinder engine which 240
horsepower which was the main selling
points of the car
VTEC bro this little gem of an engine
features a 9,000 rpm redline four valves
per cylinder and Honda’s famous VTEC
system which provided all the power in
high rpms and a wonderful screaming
sound during its 10-year production run
Honda sold more than 110,000 s2000
you’ll be pleased to know that you can
find one today for as little as five
thousand pounds sound a bit more money
and you’ll get a nice later model
however there is one thing you should
know if you’re anything like Jeremy
Clarkson aura over six feet make sure
you test drive one before buying as the
car is really small.

4 number four Mitsubishi 3000gt and Dodge Stealth
mainstream sports car enthusiasts often
forget the 3000 GT also called the Dodge
Stealth in the USA with pop-up
headlights rear panorama glass and a big
spoiler the 3000 GT really shouts its
early 90s car design there is much more
to this car than nostalgia however
thanks to its three litre twin-turbo v6
with 300 horsepower an intelligent AWD
system this layout makes the 3000 GT a
very capable coupe a which can tackle
any road conditions all this tech does
have somewhat of a weighty penalty
however tipping the scale at almost 1.8
tons or 3,800 pounds
acceleration is still great though
sitting at just over five seconds to 60
process for decent examples are around
7,000 pounds which is a true bargain
anything up to around $12,000 or get you
a Dodge Stealth if you’re in the States.

5 number five miss and 350 set coming from
a long line of successful and affordable
sports cars the 350 zode was introduced
in 2002 and produced until 2009
available as a coupe a or convertible
the 350 serve features a 3.5 liter v6
engine with 290 to 306 horsepower
depending on the model year 6-speed
manual transmission and a rear wheel
drive Nissan paid a lot of attention to
weight distribution chassis
reinforcements and suspension tuning
which resulted with sharp handling
searing and pretty respectable
performance the acceleration times were
in the five-second range and customers
praised its driving dynamics braking and
cornering due to the affordable price
and great driving characteristics the
350z soon became a best-seller in its
class which now means the second-hand
examples are cheap and plentiful decent
examples start from as little as 5,000

6 number six mazda miata a list of cheap sports cars wouldn’t be complete
without a legendary Miata or mx-5 I
could have included the rx-8 instead but
any cheap examples of these tend to have
engines that spend more time flooded
than actually working despite the fact
that the mx-5 has a little road so with
the diminutive four-cylinder engine the
Miatas perfect balance rear-wheel drive
rev-happy engines and precise handling
make it a joy to drive adding to its
cheapness is the fact that Mazda has
sold more than a million examples since
it was introduced in 1989 so they’re
pretty much everywhere thanks to the
fact that the Miata is basically an
economy car and a sports car powertrain
you can engage its spirited driving down
twisty back roads without getting in
trouble with the law
sock me asses are ok but the whole point
of buying one of these is for the
aftermarket available 3,000 pounds or
dollars will get you a great base car
but spend another 2,000 on a few key
mods never go full brighter and you’ll
have a car that’s more capable and fun
than cars let’s price.

7 number seven bmw m3 e36 with
the original ether cm3 going
stratospheric in terms of price and the
e46 still being too expensive for one
without subframe issues the only way to
experience the power of M on a budget is
with the e36 m3 built from 1992 to 1999
the m3 featured a newly designed
6-cylinder engine early models having a
three liter engine with 291 horsepower
and later models getting a larger 3.2
liter with 321 horsepower if you’re
American you got slightly screwed on
this deal I’m afraid the u.s. spec e36
m3 is only have Sioux Falls II
horsepower due to emissions regulations
would the otherwise pretty
powerful BMW engine still this does make
them slightly cheaper where you are and
240 horsepower isn’t terrible either the
e36 will get you to 60 in around 6
seconds but more importantly if you get
a good one be a good daily driver to
accident free example start from just
over 10,000 pounds in the UK but more
importantly you won’t lose a cent on
depreciation as prices are starting to
right maintenance and rust could be an
issue with a car this old so make sure
you get it checked out first so there
you are 7 cheap sports cars you can
probably afford which cars did I miss
would you go for something even cheaper
let me know in the comments below I
reply to everyone in the first 12 hours

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