7 Cars Non-Car Guys Think Are Fast

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Seven cars non-car guys think are fast ever been with a friend who’s not a car guy and a seemingly sweet ride cruises past your friend points of the car thinking you’ll acknowledges not realizing that they’re mistaken as to what it is exactly let’s get started.

1 number one Mitsubishi Lancer GT there
can’t be many cars around at the moment
that look quite as menacing as a
Mitsubishi Evo in your rear-view mirror
it’s permanently angry expressions
screens get out the way on the freeway
and with a blistering nought to sixty
time of four point four seconds you’d be
mad not to respect it for your average
non car guy however this performance
prowess seems to stretch across two
Mitsubishi’s base model Lancer
embarassingly the Lancer Falls a lot of
people despite having a hilariously
boring naught to 60 time of 11.4 seconds
for the base model its 1.5 liter
gasoline engine produces just a hundred
and nine horsepower little more than a
lot of super minis some models offer a
larger 2.4 liter 4 cylinder with 168
horsepower but a lot of these vehicles
came fitted with a CVT gearbox hardly a
recipe for speed with the CVT the bigger
engine Lancer GT still takes more than
eight seconds to reach 60 miles per hour
and nearly sixteen point five seconds to
get to the end of the quarter mile
whilst the manual transmission will add
some funds at the driving experience I
can’t help but think the aggressive
looks don’t match the mediocre

2 number two Toyota Celica you
might think that being in the seventh
generation the Toyota Celica would have
become a rapid sports coupe a it sporty
looks an aggressive styling often fool
the non-car guy into thinking it’s a car
not to be messed with not exactly the
case the 1.8 liter engine is available
in two forms one with a hundred and
eighty nine horsepower which is
admittedly brisk and less so the 140
horsepower version the base model gets
the car from nought to 60 in allegedly
8.7 seconds rather a lot slower than
many economy diesel hatchbacks it’s
still a fun and reliable vehicle but I
wouldn’t describe it as fast even in

3 number three Audi a3 1.6 a common
trait of non car guys is that they
assign a certain brand where the ID
performance for example they might say
that Honda’s are slow all Mercedes are
fast this couldn’t be more untrue
especially proven with the Audi a3 it
certainly got aggressive looks in a
premium badge which seems to be enough
to fool non car people into thinking as
however the spec sheet proves otherwise
popular in European markets the Audi a3
base model comes with a 1.6 liter engine
not too bad yet when you look closer
it’s naturally aspirated offering just a
hundred and two horsepower this poverty
spec example of the premium a3 will be
fine for daily driving sure but it’s by
no means fast and with the automatic
model naught to 60 takes a whopping 12
point 7 seconds
that’s considerably slower than some
really cheap cars worst still some non
car guys buy this car thinking that the
baddest dude on the road yes they could
get shown up by a Honda Fit in a drag

4 number four toyota mr2 the mark 2
toyota mr2 is certainly a cool and fun
car but if you want a cringe free
ownership experience don’t get one in
red often mistaken for a Ferrari by
clueless non car guys the toyota mr2
turbo was a quick car when it was first
produced and still remains a fast car
managing nought to 60 in 6.1 seconds
unfortunately the turbo models made up
only a small minority of sales with
naturally aspirated cars outselling them
completely the NA model is fairly brisk
getting to 60 and 8.4 seconds but it
hardly matches the sporting exterior
even more clued up non car fans who can
read a badge will likely presume that
this is some rapid sports car yet were
just 135 horsepower it really isn’t.

5 number five DeLorean dmc-12 if you’ve ever
thought about buying a DeLorean dmc-12
you better make sure you like the Back
to the Future movies despite its
outlandish looks the DeLorean dmc-12
only produces 130 horsepower from its
2.8 liter v6 engine possibly the slowest
ever car with gullwing doors this
futuristic vehicle remains more focused
on form rather than function there are
potential third-party plans in the works
to boost power to 350 horsepower with an
engine swap
although putting that power in a shed
built car from the 1980s may
may not be a good idea.

6 number six Honda cr-z
when the Honda cr-z was first announced
Honda fans were excited that there would
be at last a successor to the brilliant
CRX unfortunately the cr-z turned out to
be a mild hybrid and disappointingly it
didn’t do such a great job at that
either with a highway fuel economy of 39
mpg it’s not exactly worth it it’s
sporty aggressive design is often enough
to fool nandi car guys into thinking
it’s fast and with the cr-z badge it
trades off of a car’s name that it can’t
match with just 130 horsepower and 140
foot-pounds of torque
it’s hybrid credentials don’t really
have anything to show and its lack of
efficiency and sales is probably why it
has been discontinued from the
automakers lineup the cr-z isn’t a bad
car but for Honda we expect better.

7 number seven Subaru BRZ this video wouldn’t
be complete without the Subaru BRZ
otherwise known as the Scion fr-s
otherwise known as the Toyota gt86 when
it comes to modern sports cars there are
very few that look as fast as this a lot
of people are disappointed in its
straight line performance however from
an on car guy’s perspective this thing
is the hottest car on the block with a 2
liter boxer engine under the hood it.

produces 200 horsepower and 151
foot-pounds of torque respectable
numbers no doubt especially as the idea
of this car is that it’s fun not fast
but no one’s got to know that right get
one in a bright color and wait for this
sweet ride comments to roll in so there
you are which other car should I’ve included let
me know in the comments.

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