8 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Batam to Visit

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Finding tourist attractions in Batam is not difficult, even though this city is one of the industrial cities in Indonesia. Even though it is an industrial city, that does not mean that its tourism sector cannot attract tourists.

Here we present to you 8 tourist attractions in Batam that you should not miss when visiting this city.

List of Tourist Attractions in Batam

1. Barelang Bridge

This bridge is a city icon which has the main function of connecting the main island of Batam with the small islands around it. Barelang Bridge stands for Batam, Rempang and Galang.

Even though it is only in the form of a bridge, this area is one of the most popular tourist destinations. We can just sit while enjoying the surrounding scenery or take pictures against the backdrop of the very beautiful Barelang Bridge.

2. Nongsha Beach

Nongsa Beach offers the beauty of the beach with beautiful views that can spoil the eyes of every visitor who comes. This beach also offers comfort and a calm atmosphere to you, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, in the vicinity there is also a golf course that is quite extensive. This golf course can be used by every visitor, whether professional, amateur, or just to play.

If you want to spend the night here, don’t worry because there are many resorts around it.

3. Ocarina Park

Have you ever been to Ancol? Ancol is an integrated recreation area located in Jakarta. It turns out that this industrial city also has recreational facilities that are not much different from Ancol, called Ocarina Water Park.

Although not as famous as Ancol, this amusement park offers rides that are almost similar to the ones in Ancol.

There are many games here, for example: giant wheel, trampoline, flying fox, water boom bike and others. We can enjoy all of these rides without fear because all of these rides are guaranteed safety.

4. Smile Hill

Location: Kp. Seraya, Batu Ampar

One of the interesting things about this industrial city is the beautiful view of the city, especially the view at night. The city is even more beautiful when viewed from a higher place at night.

One of the most suitable places to hang out and enjoy the beauty of this city, especially at night.

We can enjoy this city and the country of Singapore from Smiling Hill (because Singapore is not far from this island).

5. Marina Beach

Location: Tj. Riau, Sekupang

Marina Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Batam. Marina Beach is also the place where the ferry docks.

Not only the scenery is beautiful, Marina Beach also has a green garden as a children’s play area. Marina Beach is one of the right recreational objects for you to visit with your family.

Here you can also relax on the rocks while enjoying the beauty and breezy beach breeze.

6. Melur Beach

Location: Sijantung, Galang Island

Melur Beach is located on the west side of Galang Island, in Barelang, Tanjung Pinang. The hallmark of Melur Beach is the stretch of white sand along its coast.

The atmosphere at Pantia Melur can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Beach Susana is perfect for relaxing and looking for inspiration.

7. Vivio Beach

Location: Sijantung, Galang

Vivio beach is located in Sijantung, Kec. Galang, Batam City. This charming white sand beach is one of the best spots for sunset hunting. With clear sea water, it can spoil the eyes of visitors with beautiful views of the coral reefs.

8. Petong Island

Petong Island offers a charming underwater panorama. With a variety of beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish in the sea.

With a diversity of marine life, shallow water, and excellent visibility, Petong Island is a “paradise” for lovers of snorkeling and diving.

These various tourist attractions in Batam offer beauty and comfort because they have been supported by very adequate infrastructure and facilities, so they are able to provide added value to visiting tourists. Hopefully the above info can help azwisata.com readers in determining where to go when visiting this city.

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