8 Supercar Alternatives You Can Actually Afford

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Eight supercar alternatives you can actually afford loved by all yes driven by few supercars and hypercars are every enthusiasts dream unfortunately most supercars start from six-figure price tags making them out of reach for most of us car guys it’s not the end of the world however as there are dollar store equivalents that you can still enjoy here are seven supercar alternatives that don’t break the bank.

1 number one Nissan GTR and Nissan 350z
the r35 gt-r is often referred to as a
supercar killer which kind of makes it a
supercar in its own right the GTR is
powered by an easily tunable 3.8 liter
v6 packin between 480 Newton meters and
600 mad horses that are transmitted to
all four wheels the GTR is a showcase of
Nissan’s best technology making it to be
pretty costly even the earliest models
cost more than 30,000 on the second-hand
market which is still far from
obtainable for an average enthusiast
luckily for us nissan offers an
undiluted sports car experience with a
350 set with prices looming around 5,000
to 10,000 pounds the 3.5 liter v6
powered coupe a or convertible is a
great option for every car guy who loves
the fabulous gt-r yet has to start with
something more affordable.

2 number two Audi r8 and Audi TT as a refines sibling to
the extravagant Guyardo the Audi r8 is
one of the most elegant supercars on the
market but it’s a hundred thousand pound
plus price angle surely put off a
prospective owner also luckily for us
the enthusiasts on a budget can go for
an Audi TT a sporty coupe a that has the
r8 looks and packs and performance
without breaking the bank
most early TTS can be found for less
than 10000 pounds while newer examples
can cost a bit more even though it is
powered by four-cylinder engines in most
cases the TT is a fantastic performer
thanks to Quattro all-wheel drive
offering you so much fun for a lot less
money thanks to its superb engineering
and reliability five cylinder TT RS
examples can be heard but that kind of
defies the point as they cost up bombs

3 number three salaphi and toyota celica the Lexus LFA
is hailed as one of the greats of the
automotive world and one of the
quintessential 21st century supercars
with a screaming 4.8 liter v10 engine
packing 560 horsepower the Lexus is a
riot to anyone lucky enough to drive it
all of this mind-boggling performance
and stunning noise has of course made it
into a Japanese legend as usual you pay
for that with the colossal price tag of
three hundred and forty three thousand
pounds minimum thanks to its low build
numbers at five hundred its ultra
limited – if you’re a fan of the LFA why
not check out the Toyota Celica
especially the salika VVT Li sure it’s
much more ordinary but hailing from the
same great minds that Toyota and Lexus
possess it can’t be a bad option truth
be told the salika has far less horses
and spaceship technology than the
magnificent LFA but it does have the
cutting edge looks and fun to drive
nature that the supercar is famous for
with prices as low as three thousand
pounds you could get a hundred of these
for the same price as one LFA.

4 number four mercedes-benz SLR Mercedes Benz SL
K when it came to the world in 2003 the
mercedes-benz SLR was a true engineering
marvel and a perfect love child of
German and British engineering built in
limited numbers it became an instant
classic and at three to four hundred K
its prices are unlikely to hit playing
zone of view or anytime soon
for those who lust after this fantastic
car the consolation price comes in the
form of the are 171 SL k the second
generation of a compact roadster which
was greatly influenced by its bigger
brother the SL are well preserved
examples of the r17 1 SL k will cost you
somewhere over 10,000 pounds if you want
the performance to match that looks the
SL k 300 will offer a 6.7 second nought
200 sprint and 155 miles per hour top
speed thanks to its v6 motor not bad for
a 12,000 pound car.

5 number five Jaguar xj220 and the jaguar
xk8 one of the fastest production cars
in the world the xj220 is even more
expensive than it once was fetching
prices of over half a million pounds
when one of 271 examples goes on sale
there’s no point mentioning that it’s
far from affordable but if you want some
early nineties Jaguar sheep you should
go with the xk8 this stylish coupe a is
not only aged well but is also
depreciated well enough to be quite
affordable the fact that you have two
more cylinders that the xj220 for just a
small fraction of the xj220 price will
also make you feel a bit better about
your choice of an affordable jag
prices starts around 5,000 pounds or
dollars depending on where you are.

6 number six BMW 1m and a BMW 135i the BMW
1m is one of those cars that became an
instant classic than the moment it hit
the showrooms as an investment piece on
this Beemer is out of reach for most but
luckily the Germans made another car
that can fill the void for us normal
folk the 135 is its name and it
possesses the same engine chassis and
body as the 1m despite being toned down
a bit it’s 3 litre twin turbo inline 6
and rear-wheel drivers even led to some
people calling it a modern-day Supra
right now many examples can be found for
less than 15,000 pounds which is at
least three times less than the 1m the
135i offers a similar driving experience
although not quite as extreme if 15,000
pounds is too much for you you can
always try out the six-cylinder 130 eye
or the 125 i4 under 10k if you’re in the
USA the 128 I will be available with the
same engine.

7 number seven Bentley Continental
Flying Spur and the Volkswagen Phaeton
supercars needn’t have two doors and
Bentley is quite a good example which
backs up that theory the ultra luxurious
v8 or w12 powered saloon is the epitome
of luxury but is also synonymous with
being quite pricey though the
depreciation considered even the first
generation Flying Spur is still quite
expensive with prices north of 25000
thanks to the wonders of part sharing
the VW Phaeton has the same chassis and
underpinnings to be fair you’ll find
most photons with smallish engines such
as the 3 litre v6 turbo diesel but even
the ultimate w12 versions will cost less
than 15,000 pounds if you’re lucky you
can find a long wheelbase model for that
extra luxury feel.

8 number eight the portion nine one eight and the Porsche Boxster
when it was brand new the nine one eight
Spyder cost around seven hundred and
eighty thousand pounds but today it’s
price is already over a million pounds
why is that you might ask well the
Porsche hyper car was built for just 918
units so it’s highly limited with 899
horsepower coming from a 4.6 liter v8
and two electric motors the 91 eight is
one of the quickest most beautiful and
most coveted cars on the planet if you
want that Porsche badge mid-engine
layout and sweet handling and the nine
one eight is out of reach why not
consider the Porsche Boxster for just 1%
of the price of a nine one eight you can
buy a clean used Porsche Boxster from
the mid-2000s the German prancing horse
isn’t just about the looks as the
Boxster is hailed as one of the best
drivers cars out there what would you
rather have a hundred Boxster’s or one
night 1/8 though there you are 8
supercar budget alternatives which cars
did I miss let me know in the comments.

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