9 Annoying Car Features We Never Actually Wanted

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Nine annoying car features we never actually want it what’s up everyone some car features like airbags and seatbelts are there to save lives so there’s no reason not to love them not every new car feature is a good idea however with some of them actually making on new cars worse let’s get right into the article.

1 number one annoying bongs sounds and
warnings audible warnings really get on
everyone’s nerves whether you haven’t
fasten your seat belts you’re getting
low on fuel or simply left the door open
surely there has to be a better way to
send a message than the car bogging at
maximum volume in the past visual
warnings would be displayed on the
dashboard and as we need to look at the
dashboard often anyway surely that’s
listening to bogging sounds from miles
isn’t just irritating but it’s also
quite distracting for the driver does
your car make these noises or not let me

2 number two voice control if you’ve
ever watched a sci-fi movie
voice control seems like the most
awesome idea ever it usually involves
the main character chatting to the
on-board computer in a human-like
fashion in theory voice control is a
great feature because you can activate
actions of your car without taking your
hands off the steering wheel in real
life voice control is more likely to
drive you mad most of the time it’s not
half as fast or as efficient as the
simplest of all solutions the humble
button there are many variations of
voice control out there none of them
being really perfect if you’ve got a
deep voice too bad it’s not gonna work
if you’ve got a quiet voice probably the
same thing if you’ve got kids in the
back or any other noise don’t even
even when the conditions are perfect
voice control is rarely faster than just
pressing a button.

3 number three gesture
control the next step in unnecessary
automotive interfaces are gesture
controls much like voice control just
your control requires you to be exact in
your movements and it isn’t exactly
guaranteed to work every time the new
BMW 7 has gesture control as an option
and chances are most people would
suggest against guessing it
technological advance is a great thing
but let’s be realistic for a bit do you
really need to wave your hands around
while driving your car why not just turn
a wheel or something in

4 number four start stop South stop
technology seems like a great idea right
the point of start stop is to save you
fuel in everyday traffic by turning the
engine off after a certain number of
seconds idling this is a feature that
rarely ever is useful and is pretty
irritating too especially if you’re
driving a sports car which always makes
loud noises when starting up on top of
everything it can wear your engine a lot
quicker especially if you drive it in
cold weather over short distances my
advice is to avoid this feature because
it won’t really save you much fuel
either and it’ll cost you money as it’s
usually part of an extra equipment just
buy a hybrid if you want to save fuel.

5 number five electronic handbrake there
can’t be many buzz killing features
worse than the electronic handbrake hand
brakes are there to keep your car firmly
in place when parking sure but they are
also a fun little lever that gives you a
front wheel drive car rear wheel drive
superpowers especially in the rain or
snow take note though I’m not here to
promote unsafe driving stun to your car
responsibly everyone but without a
proper handbrake you can’t even have fun
on the track electronic hand brakes are
not a handbrake at all but rather a
button of an electronic lever this style
of parking brake takes away all the fun
from your car because you can’t do power
sliding drifts or handbrake turns
anymore this feature won’t annoy most
people but for car guys it’s like having
your parents watching over you every

6 number six keyless entry fobs dealer century is an
interesting useful and generally good
feature but it’s ruined by gigantic fobs
which have literally become a burden in
the pursuit of making a car more
convenient some manufacturers have
forgotten all about our lives outside of
them yeah they’re perfectly fine when
entering a car without pressing any
buttons but we really don’t want to
carry huge pieces of plastic in our bags
and pockets as well what was wrong with
traditional car keys.

7 number seven touchscreen commands and we’re back to
good old buttons or lack of buttons
should we say by making some commands
touchscreen exclusive car manufacturers
often just make everything harder to use
than before instead of simply clicking a
button or rotating a knob a drivers
first forced to browse around Walter
which has got to be unsafe right then
there’s the matter of hitting just the
right place on the touchscreen which
isn’t always the easiest thing to do
when you’re driving around touch screens
are cool but if physical buttons did
their job perfectly already why change
them some cars do it better than others
sure for example the Tesla Model S but
some cars appear to be using
touchscreens taken from an 8-year old
smartphone number eight lane departure
systems the thing with Lane Departure
warnings and driver assists is that they
tend to return you back into the middle
of the lane in reality being positioned
dead middle in your lane is always the
best way and when a car insists in
returning you to the so called ideal
position it can also lead to potentially
dangerous situations imagine going a bit
to the right in order to make your ride
next to a big semi-truck more
comfortable orbs swerving a bit to evade
a bad portion of the road you really
wouldn’t want your cars are
automatically rebound in these
situations right number nine it’s higher
repair kit for some people trunk space
is everything I would hazard a guess
that for most people however people just
want a decent sized trunk the good news
is that engineers have now found a way
to increase cargo room in your trunk the
only problem is they’ve compromised a
great feature that we all loved you no
longer get a spare tire anymore instead
you get a can of tire repair liquid who
actually bothers using this when they
get a flat most drivers these days will
call roadside assistance but having a
spare in the back is an excellent
feature that gives you peace of mind in
some cars a good old-fashioned spare
tire is still available but most modern
cars have ditched it in favor of a few
inches of boot space seems a shame so
there you are which features the nor you
the most let me know in the comments

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