9 DUMBEST Things Non Car-Guys Say

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The seven dumbest things non-car guys say being a car guy is great you and your friends can discuss everything also related for hours and occasionally however there’s that one friend who’s not a car guy this is the type of guy whose only experience of cars is from Hollywood movies or is mums minivan as a car guy it can be annoying and sometimes downright infuriating to discuss anything that has a steering wheel with that friend.

1 number one why is your car
so old you should buy a newer car
there can’t be many more infuriating
things than a classic owner could hear
than this a previous video on this
channel highlighted cars that make you
look rich well unfortunately the same
can be said for some older classics but
in the opposite direction whether you’ve
got an e30 BMW and older Porsche or
simply just a 90s Japanese car be
prepared for this comment to come right
at you non car guys think of Carson
appliance similar to that of an old
iPhone or the latest TV show once the
new model is out your car is now old and
therefore useless these guys don’t
consider the rawness heritage and lack
of driver safety systems that some older
cars possess that’s not to mention easy
to work on nature of all the cars to
make things worse some old plastic cars
are worth more than brand new nice cuts
such as a poverty spec Mercedes or an

2 number two when you ask what car do
you have and they reply a blue one ever
heard anyone say this I certainly have
the lack of knowledge of likely the
second largest purchase of their life is
but seriously some people don’t even
know what car they own of course this
means that they have not researched
tested or even read about their vehicle
before they purchased it this is the
type of person to walk into the first
dealership they see and say I just want
something comfortable with good gas
mileage the dealer sees dollar signs and
sells them something bland and boring
not being into cars is fine but the
people in barely know the color of their
own or parents car are just infuriating
to us car guys their lack of knowledge
usually means that they will be ripped
off on the deal too as someone with some
basic car knowledge will be able to
weigh up the pros and cons of each
vehicle better.

3 number three cars are
just for getting from point A to point
I’m sure when you clicked on this video
you were expecting to hear this one
still this has got to be quite higher on
the list whilst technically they are
correct cars are a method of transport
there is so much culture heritage and
engineering behind them that ignoring
all of that seems downright wrong the
average American spends a whopping 293
hours in the car per year certainly a
lot of time getting from A to B if
you’re gonna spend this much time in the
car why not get something at least
slightly good to drive.

4 number four why would you drive stick automatics do it
all for you this one is truly facepalm
inducing but it’s often said or the same
car fans often choose manual gearboxes
due to the control that gives you over
the car with rev matching heel and
towing and a more tactile on engaging
experience pure automatics are great for
some applications but choosing a manual
gearbox can often be a lifestyle choice
the adrenaline rush of controlling the
car fully is addictive and although
automatics are now becoming faster and
more eco-friendly it’s the thrill of
moving through the gears that’s really
part of the fun being able to drive
stick also unlocks a lot of cars that
come only in manual such as the Ford
Focus RS Cayman gt4 and even more basic
cars like the 90s gen Suzuki Swift.

5 number five you should get an SUV my
insert car here can drive in snow easy
this is got to be one of the largest
myths relating to cars yet still people
make purchases based solely upon it this
is the type of person who will drive
their SUV on summer tires all year round
just because they have four-wheel drive
the primary things you need for safe
snow driving are winter tires and driver
ability sure a four-wheel drive or
all-wheel drive vehicle might get going
a little better due to increased
traction but there is some evidence to
suggest SUVs are actually more unsafe in
snow because of this the stopping
ability of a big heavy SUV will be
exactly the same as a two-wheel drive
car with the same tires the only
difference being that the two-wheel
drive car just wouldn’t be able to get
going at any great speed the main cause
of unsafe snow driving isn’t actually an
issue of acceleration rather than an
issue of stopping within a safe distance
any two-wheel drive car with proper
winter tires will be just fine on snow
if you really want to drive through a
blizzard get an SUV by all means but
make sure you fit it with the proper
shoes that it needs.

6 number six you should get an SUV
everyone knows big cars are way safer ok
generally new SUVs tend to be safe for
the new compact cars but perhaps not
because of the reason non car guys think
SUVs are usually more expensive and
packed with more safety systems than
smaller compact cars a non cargo would
argue that any big car is safer than any
small car in an accident when you look
at the figures however an old SUVs such
as the Chevy Blazer is actually one of
the deadliest cars and existence with
308 deaths per million vehicles
registered of the same time period a
midsize compact car such as the Toyota
Camry Solara is statistically one of the
safest cars with only 26 deaths per
million if you want a safe car get the
newest vehicle with the most safety
equipment not necessarily the largest.

7 number seven yeah my car has a turbo too
I’m not sure what’s worse a non car fan
knowing nothing about their car or one
that thinks they know everything believe
it or not I’ve seen some non car guys
open up the hood of their car pointing
to the alternator and claiming it’s a
turbo I’m not the only one either this
guy was so clueless on the subject that
he got a tattoo of what he thought at
the time was a turbocharger occasionally
you might find a slightly more clued up
person claim it’s a supercharger because
it’s belt driven bro.

8 number eight it’s just
a car as a car person cars are your
passion whether it’s driving playing
racing games or simply consuming also
related content cars are something we
can talk about for hours on end when a
non car guy comes along and says this
about the Hobby it can often provoke
rage among some enthusiasts it may be
just a car to the average person but it
represents a healthy and enjoyable hobby
to us car guys funnily enough usually
people who say this have a car so dull
it pretty much is just a car if someone
says this to you I would highly suggest
you never bring up the topic of anything
also related with them again.

9 number nine oh look a Lambo Lamborghini have
been so successful in reaching the mass-market
that their appeal stretches well beyond
just car fans annoyingly this leads to a
lot of noobs pointing at a passing
Porsche non red Ferrari or McLaren and
exclaiming oh look a Lambo this is the
same person who you ask what’s your
favourite car and they reply Lambo push
further and you’re unlikely to get any
specific model details or engine
information except for something like I
want a green one.

Even if these guys had the money for one
usually they would be better suited to
an alternate car such as the Audi r8 or
Porsche 911 still there’s no way to
respond to this in a dignified manner
I’m afraid except for backing away
slowly so there you have it nine
infuriating things non car guys say what
cringe-worthy things have you heard what
annoys you the most comment down below.

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