Recommended Tourist Attractions for Children in Bali that are Exciting and Fun

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There are many tourist attractions for children in Bali , so you need to arrange holiday programs so that they are according to the wishes of family members. And so that you don’t get confused, what about the eyes? So the author has provided recommendations for exciting and fun tourist attractions for children.

Some people might think that tourist attractions in Bali are on average for all adults. Don’t get me wrong! There are also many attractions for children. Then what are the children’s tours in Bali that are suitable for filling holidays with family? Here are the recommendations!

Recommended Tourist Attractions for Children in Bali that are Exciting and Fun

  1. Tanjung Benoa
    This tourist object is located in the South Bali tourism area, namely in the Badung area. Tanjung Benoa is not only suitable for adult visitors, but also suitable for children. This tourist destination offers several marine tourism activities. Various types of watersport recreation are complete here, such as banana boat, snorkeling, seawalker, and visiting turtle island by glass bottom boat.

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  1. Odyssey Submarine Bali
    When you want to have a vacation with your family and children, then this Odyssey Submarine recreation can be the next most appropriate recommendation. This Odyssey Submarine tour invites you to dive at a depth of 35 meters. This tour is the only submarine recreation facility in Indonesia.

This submarine invites divers to enjoy the underwater beauty of Labuhan Amuk Karangasem beach for 45 minutes, enjoying the beautiful corals, fish, shipwrecks and also divers surrounded by fish.

  1. Tour to Turtle Island with a Glass Bottom Boat
    Watersport recreation on Tanjung Benoa beach is one of the favorites for sea tourism which is favored by tourists, especially families and children under 10 years old, as well as toddlers. The experience of sailing to Turtle Island will be a special tour experience.

Travel to turtle island can only be done by boat, because it is located about 400 meters from the plains of Tanjung Benoa. The boats have clear, see-through glass at the bottom, so that all passengers can see various kinds of ornamental fish and coral reefs. So, during the trip, visitors will get a special experience.

  1. Bali Safari Park and Marine Park
    This recreation area is the largest zoo tourist destination on the island of the Gods, Bali. And always a popular tour destination. This place provides more opportunities for tourists who want to explore the garden with an area of ​​40 hectares.

Visiting the Taman Bali Safari zoo, you will be invited to go around to take part in the safari journey with a covered bus complete with a guide, so it is very safe even if you enter the area of ​​​​wild animals.

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  1. Water Bomb Bali
    This largest water tourism park on the island of the Gods, Bali, is indeed the most popular recreation area, especially for families and children. You can enjoy various types of complete game facilities here. This tourist destination is located in Kuta, Badung, and is very easy to reach, so this Waterbom park is always crowded with visitors.

A number of games or recreation are provided at this water park such as Pipeline, Super Bowl, Smash Down, Funtastic, Boomerang, Boogie Ride, Climax and Race Track and there is a Lazy River for more relaxed activities. And that’s child tourism in Bali. Which place is your favourite? Don’t forget to take your child on vacation, OK?

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