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10 JDM cars for under $10,000 low prices don’t always mean low fun with the help of that funny thing called depreciation these once expensive cars can be hard for bargain prices here are 10 JDM cars for under $10,000.

1 number one Honda s2000
the Honda s2000 seems like a bargain
under 10k it’s got everything most
enthusiasts would want
it’s a front-engine rear-wheel-drive
two-seater roadster with 50:50 weight
distribution Honda also used aluminium
double wishbone suspension to make the
car handle like a true sports car should
the s2000 s distinctive 2-liter
4-cylinder made the car stand out
amongst competitors with a redline of
over 9,000 rpm pushing out a whopping
240 HP the Honda specific output is very
high for a naturally aspirated engine
even today the engine is intentionally
mounted behind the front axle so that
the turning remains sharp despite the
very long bonnet with prices starting
from around $9,000 the ap1 s2000 is
almost the perfect choice.

2 numbered two Subaru WRX in 2002
the Subaru WRX was first introduced to the American market
with a turbocharged ej20 engine the WRX
proved popular amongst buyers at the
time the rally heritage from the likes
of Colin McRae and Richard burns became
great marketing for the brand
highlighting Subarus depend
bility reliability and toughness some
models the 2002 to be exact
had some transmission issues causing it
to wear excessively this problem was
fixed in 2003 with hardened gears in the
box the 2004 had a redesign but
obviously the facelift will cost you
more with prices from around eight
thousand dollars the Subaru would be
perfect for those looking for an
all-round vehicle that remains fun to

3 number three mazda miata going for
considerably less than your 10k budget
the Miata is still a wise choice to
consider most people know about the
Miatas lightweight no-frills driving
experience although an NB wouldn’t be a
bad choice if you want more of a daily
driver the later NV is more likely to
have air conditioning a decent stereo
and other creature comforts as well as
less likely to have rust on the shell
10k will easily get you an na or an NB
model cars from 1994 onwards are the
most desirable thanks to the larger 128
horsepower 1.8 liter engine being the
larger engine you also get extra chassis
bracing stronger driveline components
and larger brakes unrivaled reliability
cheap maintenance very cheap
modifications and a super capable and
fun platform are all great reasons to
buy the Miata prices start at $2,000 so
plenty of money left for modifications.

4 number four master rx-8 master are very
well known for their Miata however they
are often less praised for his bigger
brother the rx-8 with four doors a solid
roof and much more interior space the
rx-8 is perhaps a better option for a
daily driver than the Miata the Mazda
rx-8 is a truly unique vehicle being the
only four-door configuration coupe a at
this price range to provide reverse
opening rear access doors and an
accommodating backseat also unique is
its magnificent 1.3 liter rotary engine
redlining at nine
rpm and unusual master style a slick
manual gearbox significant oil
consumption poor fuel economy and tales
of engine failures have plagued the rxa
from the start but with its 50:50 weight
distribution sharp handling and moderate
weight it could be a very good buy for
someone looking for daily fun.

5 number five Nissan 350z it seems hard to believe
that the 350 said can be had for as
little as 10 K now with the ability to
turn heads like nothing short of a
supercar the Japanese sports coupe a
mixes sports car styling and great
performance very well the 300 HP v6
engine sounds great if a little muted
with the stock exhaust although a decent
aftermarket parts selection is available
if you’re planning on doing
her dollar this is one of the best value
cars in America a clean example can be
yours from just $7,000 although you will
end up paying a bit more for a low
mileage option.

6 number six Nissan 240sx
known today as a drift car of choice the
240sx first went on sale as a sporty
coupe a-and hatchback
despite being a bit soft in standard
form the s body Nissan quickly became
known for its ability to come alive with
a few small modifications perfect for
drifting American s bodies come in the S
13 models recognizable by their pop-up
headlamps and s 14 240 SX s which were
produced from 1995 to 98 without the
pop-up headlights the S 13 was sold in a
variety of body styles including a hatch
coupe a and convertible the S 14 was
sold as coupe a only vehicles although
not perhaps as reliable as other cars on
this list there aren’t any major issues
and there is a great support network if
something does go wrong.

7 number seven Honda beat with the United States
25-year rule in place the Honda beat is
now old enough to become an oddball
choice for enthusiasts to import the
tiny roadster has a 660 CC naturally
aspirated three cylinder engine mounted
in the middle what makes this car so
special is that it was the last car
approved by Soichiro Honda himself
before he died in 1991 for rarity
low-speed fun and uniqueness the beat is
weld hard to beat prices start at around
eight thousand dollars so quite
expensive but what you pay for in money
you get back in rarity.

8 number eight Honda Civic the Civic has gained
somewhat of a bad reputation over the
years predominantly thanks to the races
it seems to attract many people don’t
appreciate that the Civic is a
well-built nippy and lightweight
hatchback a recipe which you simply
can’t buy new today the Civic sold as a
mass-market vehicle is
low to the ground and handles more like
a sports car than an economy car
there is great aftermarket support but
unfortunately most of the parts go
towards the eBay writer end of the
spectrum companies such as spoon and
Mugen do make great parts for the Civic
meaning that it’s a great platform to
work with especially if it’s your first
or second car in the USA the Civic
type-r models were never sold
unfortunately although the standard
vehicles are still great machines.

9 number nine acura integra GSR yes it’s
not a type are good ones are too
expensive but the acura integra GSR
should still be considered after the NSX
it was the first American vehicle to
receive VTEC and the first car built
under the Akira brand the VTEC system
meant that the Integra was very
economical and powerful for its time
compared to its rivals the GSR got a 170
horsepower 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine
with a 5-speed manual transmission being
standard the whole point of the GSR was
to be a fun and usable daily driver and
thanks to very high build quality many
are still around today for well under

Number 10 toyota mr2 mid-engine sports
cars don’t come much cheaper than this
with the same configuration as the likes
of the Porsche Cayman and Ferrari for
five-eight the mr2 is the best budget
choice if you’re in the market for a
mid-engine sports car the most popular
version is probably the SW 20 generation
although all three generations can be
had for under 10k this car is the
perfect choice for someone who wants to
experience mid-engine handling for a low
price as well as Toyota’s famous
reliability each generation had some
small issues but no deal-breakers to
worry about so there are 10 awesome JDM
cars for under $10,000 do you have any
other suggestions write them down in the
comments below

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