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widely known for a variety of interesting things in it. Starting from businesses, artists, arts, culture, to historical sites which are very busy with visitors every day. But, don’t forget that there is also the natural charm of the beautiful and exotic sea, of course, not inferior to Bali.

When you come to East Java, it will be complete if you take the time to visit hits and popular beaches in several administrative areas. Starting from the west end to the east end, Gresik, Malang, Blitar, Pacitan, Tulungagung, and also Banyuwangi.

For those of you who have planned your vacation to explore the aesthetics of East Java, the following travel headquarters will present several lists of popular and popular East Java Beach tours that you can choose from.

Come on, Visit East Java’s Best Beach Tourism Hits

  1. Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi
    Introducing the first beautiful and hits beach in East Java, namely Pulau Merah. It is located in the Banyuwangi area. Its beauty is no longer a mystery, for that many visitors stop by every day.

Its main aesthetic is the view of the setting sun which ejects different meanings of red and yellow towards the sunset. The sound of the waves crashing is soft and suitable for relieving fatigue in the head after a day’s work. Not only that, you can also do water sports like surfing and various other interesting things.

  1. G Land Beach, Banyuwangi
    For you admirers of challenging sea tourism, G Land Beach is a perfect recommendation. has another name Plekung beach. The location is in the eastern part of Banyuwangi, East Java. The charm of this place has reached the world region.

It is used as a place to do surfing sports because of the strong waves. What’s more special, G Land Beach is included in the Alas Purwo National Park area. The air is indeed very cool, moreover the scenery is also beautiful and beautiful.

  1. Noko Bаwеаn Beach, Gresik
    Gresik is known for its very advanced industry. However, who would have thought that this place has a charming natural aesthetic, namely Noko Bawean Beach. The location is right around the island of Bawean.

The water is very clear with a very wide stretch of white sand. The aesthetics of the corals are very beautiful and natural. There are many things you can do at Noko Bawean Beach. Especially if you are passionate about taking selfies with a beautiful and enchanting sea view background.

  1. Papuma Beach, Jember
    Maybe not many people know that this place also has beautiful and charming natural attractions to visit. One of them is Papuma Beach. This sea tour is very famous and is visited by many tourists every day. Her natural charm is the main attraction that is alluring.

There are seven rocks that line up solidly decorating the beautiful expanse of sea. The size is very large and strong, also there is a name given to each stone. Not only that, the white sand is also clean and wide. There are many interesting things to do at Papuma Beach.

  1. Bantol Beach, Malang
    This beach is in the district of Malang with the southernmost location. The place is familiar and quite quiet because it’s far from the noise of the city. Bantol Beach is located in Sumbermanjing Wetan, close to many other natural tourist sites. Not many people understand its existence, but its beauty deserves thumbs up.

It’s not that this beach isn’t well-known, it’s just that not everyone wants to come with bad access. Here you can do snorkeling and share other beach sports activities. The water must be very clear and also clean from pollution.

  1. Tiga Warna Beach, Malang
    The journey still continues, South Malang still saves a lot of the charm of beautiful beaches that are a shame not to be missed. In the end you will get acquainted with a hit beach called Tiga Warna. The location is not very far from the city center, maybe around 2 hours of travel time is needed.

The charm of the three colors has become a distinctive characteristic and uniqueness that has received a lot of attention from the general public at the first time it was opened. The water is also very clear with calm waves. You can do snorkelling and other interesting activities with your family here.

  1. Mbehi Beach and Bidadari Bay, Malang
    Prepare a more fit body situation, because your journey in exploring the aesthetics of East Java is still not over. There are many places that must be visited, one of which is Mbehi beach and Bidadari Bay. The location is in the Malang area, with the predicate of the most beautiful tour at the moment.

The charm offered is in the form of a deep water basin that penetrates directly to the beach. The area is very beautiful because it is located behind a protected forest. It has a natural swimming pool which is formed from a rock called Bidadari Bay. The sea water is very clear and the white sand is clean and soft.

  1. Sempu Island, Malang
    When you want to continue your sea voyage, it never hurts to visit one of the best places in South Malang, namely Sempu Island. This place has been inaugurated as a location for the conservation of mangroves and the rare marine biota in it. It is located in the same area as Sendang Biru. Many nature admirers stay and come every day.

Reaching Sempu Island requires boat support when crossing to the entrance. The travel time spent is approximately 2 hours, quite long. But, don’t be sad because everything has paid off with the beautiful scenery that is presented to you. Starting from the clear sea water, soft stretches of white sand, to other charms that are hard to resist.

  1. Coro Beach, Tulungagung
    Coro Beach, located in Tulungagung, East Java. The location is easy to reach even though the access road is quite difficult to pass. But its natural charm is still natural and very beautifully maintained. Its appeal is in the form of rows of rocks which have natural carvings which are very beautiful and artistic.

The white sand is wide and soft, very suitable for relaxing walks or lying on it. You can do lots of interesting things with your family or friends. Starting from taking pictures or swimming in the expanse of the sea.

  1. Gondo Mayit Beach, Blitar
    This time the beach hits in East Java named Gondo Mayit. At first glance, hearing his name could be a bit scary. But don’t get me wrong just yet, because the place isn’t that scary. The location is in the Blitar area. Access roads are also easy to pass by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

Its existence is proof that Blitar also has beautiful natural charm, not only its historical tourism which is always full of visitors. The natural scenery is so beautiful with a stretch of white sand and harmonious waves. Its main attraction is the breakwater which is rarely found elsewhere.

  1. Kedung Overlapping Beach, Tulungagung
    Tulungagung, maybe this place is not as popular as other areas in East Java. However, you need to know that there is also a marine aesthetic that is worth a visit here. Kedung Tumpang Beach, located in the village of Pucanglaban.

The main attraction is the natural swimming pool that comes from the spray of sea waves. Formed on a rock with such clear water quality. Widely used for swimming and bathing by visiting tourists. Not only that, there are also many other things that you can find at Kedung Tumpang Beach.

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  1. Tambakrejo Beach, Blitar
    Blitar, who doesn’t know the name of this place in East Java? of course everyone knows him. Bung Karno’s grave and other historic sites are the main destinations for visiting tourists. But, this time there is another charm that you can find, namely Tambakrejo beach. The location is in the Wonotirto area with easy access.

Has a breakwater that is not found in many other places. The stretch of white sand is very wide and clean. The sea is beautiful with gentle waves hitting the shoreline. Not only that, you can also enjoy the best cuisine from Blitar while relaxing on the Tambakrejo seafront.

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