Visit the newest Binjai tourist spots that are more hits

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Binjai City, North Sumatra is a cool place to visit during the holiday season. The city which is close to the city of Medan has an interesting tourist destination. Therefore, there are many new Binjai tours that you must visit.

Apart from that, the city of Binjani itself has the newest Binjai tourist attractions which exude the charm of their beauty and aesthetics that are starting to emerge from the mainland to the sea, there is no doubt about it. Then, what are the tourist attractions that can be enjoyed while in Binjai? Check out the following reviews.

Come on, visit the newest Binjai tourist spots that are more hits

  1. Langkat Immortal Pool
    The Langkat Eternal Pool is highly recommended for you nature fans. This eternal pond tour which has clear water flows from the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall offers extraordinary views. This clear, turquoise-looking water makes the bottom of the mini-pool look concrete. You can enjoy the Langkat Immortal Pool for swimming because the pool is not too deep.

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Not only can you play in the water, the location of the Langkat Eternal Pool which is still very natural presents an interesting panorama. The combination of forest and pond is so beautiful that it can be used as a great photo spot. Of course, you can enjoy the exciting experience of exploring the forest and taking impressive underwater photos.

  1. Demon Waterfall
    For those of you who like challenging tours, you must visit this one tourist spot. The reason is, Siluman Waterfall which is in Garunggang Village provides tour services because it requires a struggle to get a breathtaking view. Leave the vehicle at the residents’ house and walk to this place in the right way to do it.

Usually, you need a gap of about 20 km from the city center to the Demon Waterfall. This waterfall has its own unique characteristics because the rocks flowing with water until it falls down are formed like regular pieces. Waterfalls that usually flow swiftly can even disappear on their own when the water flow above them is not too heavy.

  1. Binjai Toddler Park
    Visiting Binjai City with your little one is highly recommended to visit the Binjai Toddler Park. The combination of shady trees with several existing game facilities is guaranteed to make your little one feel at home here. You can find slides, swings, seesaws and other types of games when you come here.
  2. SB Beach
    Who has visited Sb Beach before? This is because the term beach carried by this place does not mean that it is located near the sea. Because SB beach is the name of one of the rivers in Binjai which is very interesting to visit. The beauty of a place that resembles a beach tour has an interest that can’t be doubted.

Of course, SB Beach can be said to be very beautiful and natural because it is still not much mixed with human hands. The atmosphere of clear water with a calm flow can be used as a place to swim to soak. Beautiful natural scenery with pleasant conditions frees you to carry out various interesting activities.

  1. Name Sira-Sira
    Not inferior to the others, Namu Sira-Sira is also an interesting tourist spot to visit. The dam, which is a source of agricultural irrigation and a source of hydropower, is one of the attractions that attracts the attention of many people. What’s more, this place has a river mouth which is very cool to play with.

Of course, the atmosphere of the dam which is classified as not very deep is very conducive for use from soaking to swimming. Some parts of the dam with a faster flow can be used for rafting activities. Interestingly, Namu Sira-Sira has another name Pangkal Beach because it has a stream edged by sand like a beach.

  1. Florida Beach
    The city of Binjai also has Florida Beach tours like an overseas tour. However, this newest tourist spot actually has a very charming uniqueness. The name of the beach that is carried does not describe the shape of the place like the tours you find in other places. Florida beach is a natural waterfall that comes from the rocks.

Of course, the combination of clear water from natural sources and black stone formations presents a special attraction. Some people even often call this one tourist spot the name Namu Ukur bath according to the nickname of the village. You can get a challenging experience by trying cliff jumping activities.

  1. Ovany Waterpark
    Furthermore, Binjai City has a water tour with the name Ovany Water Park. Even though it still does not have sufficiently complete facilities, this one tourist spot is very cool to use as a vacation spot on weekends and holidays. Ovany Water Park, moreover, is priced at a very affordable price.
  2. Shri Mariamman Temple
    Not only visiting natural attractions, this place offers interesting religious tours. The building has been standing for more than a century and has the aesthetics of very artistic painting ornaments. The reason is, you can observe the combination of mastery of green, red and blue when visiting the Shri Mariamman Temple.

Even though it is used as a tourist spot, the Shri Mariamman Temple which is located on Jl. Tanjung Jati has an antique element that is always maintained today. The condition of the building which is very sturdy even though it has been standing for a long time is also the main attraction for studying the history that has been presented for a long time.

  1. Selfie Park
    Who would have thought that Binjai City, which is close to Medan City, would have a Selfie Park tour? The reason is, the naming of this tour is presented with a very interesting spot and can be used to hunt for good photos. The corner of the cafe that is presented with a combination of artistic designs will make anyone amazed to see it.

Not only if many visitors come to this place to taste the menu offered while enjoying the busyness of taking pictures. Interestingly, Taman Selfie also provides several unique menus that you must taste. For example, the menu of kreak bread and flying noodles with unique shapes and tastes.

  1. Bingei River Rafting
    For those of you who like adrenaline tourism, it would be a shame if you didn’t enjoy this one facility. Bingei River Rafting presents exciting activities that can be done by several exclusive age groups. To be able to enjoy this one tourist activity, the minimum age limit that is allowed is 7 years and over.

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Interestingly, the Bingei River Rafting Serum presents activities that are increasingly challenging for higher age strata. Don’t worry, this place is guaranteed to be suitable for you as a beginner or those who already have rafting experience. The existence of this tour guide will provide directions that can guarantee your safety.

Thus the review of the article that discusses the latest Binjai tourist attractions with the explanation above, hopefully this is useful and can be used as a reference when you want to have a vacation to the city of Binjai.

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